in camera

I know that whatever hold your voice has on My destiny is changing with every blink because it lives behind My closed eyelids where the radiance of your soul is projected by I dare not attempt to define what. My hesitation to do so stems from the scale on which the said projector operates. What would amaze you most is how it always leaves out the final know, the ones that betray your self-supposed anonymity by showing your exact colours as well as the final definition and details of your features. As always, I shall recognize you by the ease with which you penetrate both My essence and My substance and how it feels for us both when a positive ID is made and you shall be forced to admit that you have, indeed, seen Me before. If you are, for any reason unable to attest to this, it is all too easy to predict that you truly wish you had. you are the only one who knows what happens when you speak to Me, and so you know that which is yours by right. Do you wonder what it will take for Me to let you close enough to collect it?