Guided Tour

At long last, a quick word on how to play the web version of MsQUI's PSYCHOMORPHIC MINDPHUQ, so to speak. An online Choose your own "adventure" book for the fantastically fixated!

1.   Allow the pop-up. Check out the Slave Development Plan, and click on the images.

2.   Study  a page in full. Afterwards, do the same with each of its links, trying to avoid using any "Back" buttons. Remember, in MsQUI's world, there is no turning "back".

3.   Be advised that a handsome fee is required in order to receive a reply from the Mistress. Payment instructions are available upon serious inquiries only. (Note that, occasionally, slaves have been ordered to produce false correspondence for the purpose of being held responsible.) A minimum expenditure is required prior to all PSYCHOMORPHIC MINDPHUQ bookings. This expenditure covers a detailed description of the service

TIP:   A majority of PMMP addicts report a more fulfilling experience when each page in a  series is kept open in its own window throughout the series or visit, especially at the beginning. Other users, in contrast, have become quite confused. Either way, "My mission accomplished," as is so often the case...