Since you keep asking & offering, here’s the registry of preferences, as well as preferred sources. If this is too complicated, check out advertisers in any bridal magazine among others. If you have attended dinner at 107, you already know the inherent preference for yellow roses & daffodils. you may even know which pieces of which sets have already arrived. Otherwise, She dares you to show your own colours…do you have the instincts to choose well in at least this simple way?

  • Royal Albert China (esp. Trillium)
  • Paragon China (esp. Trillium)
  • Wedgwood (all)
  • Noritake (all)
  • Cristal D’Arques
  • Farberware (esp. 24-Kt)
  • Oneida
  • Lladro

Preferred source: McIntosh & Watts

Are you a gelding or a stallion?

Crosby (Prix St. George ‘Soft Ride’)
Stubben (Tristan DL)
Billy Cook (Show)
Aachen (if you can find any at all)

Finally, did you recognize which perfume houses are involved in the mindphuq while under aromatherapeutic “treatment” at said address? Qui confuses you by administering Serge Lutens’ blends to bridge you from essential oils to the House of Dior, thereby preventing your amygdala from suffering its usual karma. Under no circumstances could you have missed the platinum or white gold that She wears after Her morning bath.

Offerings may be mailed to Ms. Qui, c/o
Box 420-65, Stn. Jeanne-Mance/Montreal QC/H2W 2T3/Canada.

Note: all packages requiring any C.O.D. (including duty & postage) will be returned unopened after the sender and parcel are catalogued for black list purposes. McQuithyism is the defiant offspring of its 20th Century predecessor. Here coins the antithesis of its parent… Qui is rather a hunting witch than a social excommunicate in hiding from fascists.