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755, Parker Chronicle

In this year, Cynewulf and the councillors of Wessex deprived Siegberht of his kingdom for unlawful actions, with the exception of Hampshire; and this he kept until he slew the ealdorman who remained faithful to him longer than the rest. And Cynewulf then drove him away into the Weald, and he lived there until a herdsman stabbed him at the stream at Privett, thereby avenging the ealdorman Cumbra. And that Cynewulf frequently fought great battles against the Welsh; and after ruling thirty-one years he wished to expel a prince called Cyneheard; and that Cyneheard was the brother of that Siegberht. And then he learnt  that the king was visiting a mistress at Merantun, with but a small retinue; and he surprised him there, and surrounded the bower before the men who were with the king became aware of him.


The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Garmonsway, G.N. London: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd

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