you are about to bear witness to the first ever fully publicized though shockingly intimate manhunt. How close can MsQUIget to you before you even begin to realize what has transpired? How could it happen? To you of all people? She would be inclined to claim that you invited this. you may notice yourself trembling as you gain awareness of your defenselessness on top of your inability to present a sound, valid, or even credible argument to the contrary.

Some consider the PSYCHOMORPHIC MINDPHUQ to be a twisted style of investigative journalism pertaining to motivation. It is a realignment according to MsQUI's psychological convenience of neurological conventions such as perception, language and movement. Although She recognizes that these functions are accepted by most as reality, QUI seems to come from a hell more colourful than the one we live.

In Her relentless pursuit, Qui has enlisted numerous top-ranking professionals at every relevant level of society. Deliberate always, She remains undiagnosed, and is considered extremely dangerous. Apparently, not unlike GMO technology, Qui has not been around long enough to be deemed safe. ("It's like the premature debate regarding the lifespan of pressed versus burned CDs!" remarked a candid Qui upon realization that enema format is generally less harmful to delicate rectal tissue than simple dry cramming.)

You are about to see how the human population is divisible by two:
Those who know love & fear
Those who have yet to meet Her.