New Years' greetings to you, my beloved and profoundly disturbed demon!
I wish to inform you that I received your message and
Challenge you to admit that there is, indeed, still a
Betwixt you & I.
Perchance you thought I'd miss the
As though I ever could be able to detach myself from
The insatiable thirst you have been instigating
All over my life
Until I could offer
Informed consent to
Join you
On this experientially eternal multilogue
Wherein you and I are bound
By many a creation of graceless human hands.
Without them, the realization
Of my quest
Would be both effortless and unfulfilling
In that they offer distance and obstacle to our bodies.

As we both know it to be true,
Our respective reality sets are comprised
Of far too many
Common members
Such as the hallowed and most high name of the god
To whom we all owe our keenest
Worship, affection and courage
As he has been kind enough to bestow upon us
Illusions purported by the physical world.
I hereby introduce myself as the
Charged with
Doing the Big Boy from behind
To the very rhythm of your blasting pulse

The touch of the hands he feels
All over his borrowed body
Is always mine.
I only look like the succubus.
You may address me as heroina
I have been sent a human servant.

And I thank you, my timeless love
For stepping as lightly as you could
And I dare you:
Invoke any powers necessary
To prevent me from loving you
When you know as well as I do
How hard it is to shift one's attention to
Another member of the set
When the member whose hold seems most present
Refuses to let go of any of us
While steering
Even just parts of
One of us
Forever around the other(s')
In hopes of creating memorable encounters
For its own viewing pleasure.
I will never harm you.
Take me
But not for granted.