Crystal Ball

Welcome to the sharpest corners in the spherical room where all reside, and remember that there is only one of Her and only one of you. Therefore, She shall speak in Her usual manner: as She pleases and on behalf of us both. This is paranoia, April.


Since She knows you have been unable to attend many of the following thoughts until now, here is the debriefing on the nature of Qui’s Crystal Ball in another sorceress’ tongue:

The Ancients supposed crystals to be congealed water or ice petrified by some long-continued natural process. These long-ago people invoked the power of the crystal to change the fate of individuals, and often to modify the course of a country’s events. It is reported that Pliny, the Elder (23-79) subscribed to this belief, and that Seneca (4 B.C.?-65 A.D.) supported his opinion. This belief extended well into the Middle Ages.

The Geologist defines a crystal as a body formed by the solidification of a chemical or compound.

…is there anyone who is able to forget that magical device – the first radio? It was known as the crystal set for its receiver had a crystal detector. All instruments worthy of being classed as magical do affect the future of humanity. Need it be pointed out to anyone the undreamed future of that original crystal radio set?

The Seer or Scryer sees the crystal ball very differently. He looks upon it as the Generic Ovum in whose transparent, unfathomable depth lies the whole of creation. In it is preserved all terrestrial energy in its myriad forms. The Seer is a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight, and practices crystallomancy or divination through gazing into the Crystal Ball.

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