Dipsomania Kleptomania Schizoid Pathological Liar Monomania Dementia Praecox Melancholia Megalomania Delusional Insanity Schizophrenia
Mania Lunacy Paranoia Manic-Depressive Hallucinatory Insanity Sado-Masochism Homicidal Mania Hebephrenia Suicidal Mania Catatonia


This form of insanity is coupled with maniacal urges and behaviour. The afflicted individual is equally likely to be in a sadistic or masochistic phase. In the former, he or she will have an obsessive desire to inflict pain (and probably death) upon any living thing encountered. However, after doing so, the insane character will return to a relatively normal state   for 1 to 3 days. Likewise, when in a masochistic state the afflicted individual will have an overwhelming urge to be hurt and will act accordingly. After so doing, normalcy returns for 1 to 3 days. Note that friends and associates do not matter to the afflicted individual, nor do enemies.

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