Dipsomania Kleptomania Schizoid Pathological Liar Monomania Dementia Praecox Melancholia Megalomania Delusional Insanity Schizophrenia
Mania Lunacy Paranoia Manic-Depressive Hallucinatory Insanity Sado-Masochism Homicidal Mania Hebephrenia Suicidal Mania Catatonia


This alternating insanity form causes the afflicted to swing from one state to the other in 1 to 4 day intervals. When excited, the afflicted is 90 % likely to become maniacal (11., above), and when disappointed or frustrated is 90 %  likely to become highly melancholic. Thus, in addition to the usual1 to 4 day cycle of mania-depression, he or she can jump from one state to the other depending on outside stimuli.

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