Dipsomania Kleptomania Schizoid Pathological Liar Monomania Dementia Praecox Melancholia Megalomania Delusional Insanity Schizophrenia
Mania Lunacy Paranoia Manic-Depressive Hallucinatory Insanity Sado-Masochism Homicidal Mania Hebephrenia Suicidal Mania Catatonia


This violent and often homicidal state occurs whenever the moon is full, or nearly full. The afflicted character will generally behave as one in a maniacal state, with paranoid (q.v.), hallucinatory (q.v.), or homicidal (q.v.) tendencies. When the moon is absent or in its first or last quarters, the afflicted will be melancholic [sic]. At other times, he or she will be relatively normal perhaps a bit suspicious and irascible.  

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