Dipsomania Kleptomania Schizoid Pathological Liar Monomania Dementia Praecox Melancholia Megalomania Delusional Insanity Schizophrenia
Mania Lunacy Paranoia Manic-Depressive Hallucinatory Insanity Sado-Masochism Homicidal Mania Hebephrenia Suicidal Mania Catatonia

Delusional Insanity

Similar to megalomania, in this state the deluded will be convinced that he or she is a famous figure – a monarch, demi-god or similar personage. Those who “fail” to recognize the afflicted as such incur great hostility. In normal affairs, this individual will seem quite sane, but the afflicted will act appropriate to a station which he or she does not actually have and tend to order around actual and imaginary creatures, draw upon monies and items that do not  exist, and so on.   

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