Dipsomania Kleptomania Schizoid Pathological Liar Monomania Dementia Praecox Melancholia Megalomania Delusional Insanity Schizophrenia
Mania Lunacy Paranoia Manic-Depressive Hallucinatory Insanity Sado-Masochism Homicidal Mania Hebephrenia Suicidal Mania Catatonia


This character will seem absolutely normal until presented with an idea, goal, or similar project which seems promising or purposeful to him or her. As of then, the character will become obsessed with the accomplishment of the purpose. He or she will think of nothing else, talk of nothing else, plan and act to accomplish nothing save the fixed end. The monomaniac will brook no swerving from any friend or associate, and he or she will insist that such individuals serve the “cause” with the same devotion that the afflicted character shows. (Hostility and violence could result, and certainly not a little suspicion and mistrust if co-operation is not heartfelt…) Once the desired end has been accomplished, the insane character will manifest symptoms of dementia praecox until a new purpose is found.

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